$25: 30 minute Trial Lesson

  • Trial Lesson pricing is offered to new customers only or current members exploring additional instruments.
  • Trial Lesson cannot be booked more than two weeks in advance.
  • Trial Lesson is restricted to one lesson per student, per teacher (i.e you can try more than one teacher, but not have several Trial Lessons with the same teacher).
  • Trial Lesson Day and Time is not guaranteed for on-going lessons at the time of enrollment.

Why have a Trial Lesson?

Prior to enrolling in our Membership Program for weekly lessons, you may sign up for a Trial Lesson, meet the teacher and experience a complete lesson. It is a great way to test drive a lesson without the concerns of a long term commitment, and make sure there is a perfect fit between the student and the teacher.



Membership tuition is paid monthly and covers weekly lessons (Including months that have 5 lessons). Our tuition is based on an annual amount divided into 12 monthly payments, not a per lesson amount.

Students usually receive 48-51 lessons per year depending on the day of the week enrolled, but an exact number of lessons is not guaranteed. See our calendar for studio closures.

$159 per Month (30-minute per week)
$225 per Month (45-minute per week - not for children under 8)
$285 per Month (60-minute per week - not for children under 12)


$35 per New Student (one-time only)
$FREE per Additional Family Member
$25 per Returning Student

Other Fees

$25 Late Payment Fee (per month)

See our Private Lessons Studio Policy for more details

Why enroll in Private Music Lessons at The Laboratory?

We are a family owned and operated music studio with over 15 years of experience serving the South Jersey community. As a member of The Laboratory you have exclusive privilege to the following service.

  • Membership guarantees one weekly lesson with a teacher/time of your choice.
  • Monthly tuition is independent of the number of weekly lessons in a given month. You pay the same monthly fee even when there are five (5) lessons.
  • NO long term commitment. Our Membership Program is on a monthly basis and NOT year or semester long.
  • NO yearly recurring Registration Fees.
  • Much more flexible make-up policy than any other music school.
  • Quality Music Teachers with higher levels of credentials and experience than most other music schools.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a Trial Lesson Online​ or Contact us to register with our admin staff: 

  1. By phone: +1 (856) 441-4065
  2. By email: lessons@thelaboratory.com

Need more information?