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Low-cost weekend rentals for gig and studio sessions, or rent month-to-month for rehearsal or regular gigs.

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Popular Rental Gear

Below are some examples of the gear we have available to rent, along with pricing. Renters must have valid government-issued ID and credit card. If you don't see what you need, get in touch! Click here or on any item below to reserve your rental today! (Minimum rental charge is $25).

LD Systems ICOA 15 A BT

These 15" 1200W powered speakers are our most popular rental speakers. Great for DJ's and live music. Mount them on stands or use them on the floor as monitors. They have Bluetooth so they're great for parties.

4-Day Rental: $24 each

Monthly Rental: $41 each

LD Systems Stinger 12 A G3

When you need a step up in audio quality, rent the Stingers. These feature a better angle for use as monitors on the floor, and are a truly professional speaker. Rented with protective covers.

4-Day Rental: $39 each

Monthly Rental: $69 each

QSC K12.2
Active Speaker

The QSC K.2 Series represents the best-in class loudspeaker for today's demanding audio professionals. The perfect combination of elegant design, superior audio performance, high functionality, and simple and intuitive operation. Rented with protective covers.

4-Day Rental: $43 each

Monthly Rental: $76 each

QSC Touchmix 30 Pro Mixer

The QSC TouchMix-30 Pro has the features and functionality that are sure to satisfy the most demanding professional while providing an intuitive workflow that delivers great results quickly and easily to users at every level of experience. Connect with a tablet or phone for wireless mixing.

4-Day Rental: $93 

Monthly Rental: $163

Behringer PMP4000 Powered Mixer

The amazing PMP4000 Powered Mixer packs tremendous power (2 x 800 Watts stereo or 1,600 Watts in Bridged mode), while maintaining an incredible power-to-weight ratio. Pairs great with the EV SX300's!

4-Day Rental: $21

Monthly Rental: $35

EV SX300 Speaker Pair

Workhorse pair of passive speakers that pair great with the Behringer PMP4000 mixer. Fantastic audio quality for main speakers for live bands when mounted on stands. Rented as a pair.

4-Day Rental: $27

Monthly Rental: $48

Powered Subwoofers

We offer several different powered subs for rent from Presonus and Peavey. Add one or two to your rig for added low-end power and punch. Additionally your entire system will gain clarity.

4-Day Rental: $20-$39 each

Monthly Rental: $34-$68 each

Wireless Microphones

Go wireless and enjoy more freedom when you perform. Professional grade wireless is reliable and has immaculate sound quality.

4-Day Rental: starting at $14 each

Monthly Rental: starting at $24 each

Bose L1 Pro8 Portable Line Array

The L1 Pro8 is ready whenever you are, enabling easier load-in and faster setup.  The L1 Pro8 gives singer-songwriters and DJs both setup simplicity and supreme clarity — the power to sound your best and simply perform.

4-Day Rental: $51 each

Monthly Rental: $89 each


We rent a variety of microphones for different applications. Options from Shure, Sennheiser, CAD, sE Electronics, AKG, and more.

Handheld mics, studio condensers, drum mics...

4-Day Rental: starting at $4 

Monthly Rental: starting at $7

Speaker Stands

Professonal speaker stands are available in pairs. Get those speakers up in the air to make sure you can be heard.

4-Day Rental: $8

Monthly Rental: $13

Microphone Stands

We've got a variety of mic stands available for rent. Straight, boom, round-base, tripod, and short ones for bass drums and amps.

4-Day Rental: starting at $3

Monthly Rental: starting at $3