Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Lessons


If you're looking to learn to play guitar, you have come to the right place! We love guitar and have some great instructors on staff that will help you on your journey.  Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about learning guitar (and most of this is also true for bass and ukulele):

  1.  How long will it take to learn to play guitar?
    1. We could answer this with a few months and the rest of your life and both are correct. If your goal is strumming some chords around the campfire, then with practice you can learn in a few months. If you are looking to master the instrument, then you're in for a lifetime of learning.
  2. Should I start with an acoustic or electric guitar?
    1. It's your choice- whatever you're drawn to is fine, and you can switch any time you want.
  3. What size picks should I use?
    1. Again, this is a matter of preference. As you take lessons we recommend you try different picks out to figure out what you like best.
  4. How often should I practice?
    1. Developing good practice habits is very important in developing skill. The main objective is to be consistent. Practicing a little each day is better than skipping a few days and then practicing several hours trying to catch up.
  5. When should I change my guitar strings?
    1. If the strings have a dull color, sound dead, muted, or are hard to tune, then it's time to change them. Many beginners don't realize their strings are dead until they hear how good their guitar sounds with new strings.
  6. Do I need to learn to read music?
    1. Guitar is one of the only instruments where reading music notation is considered optional. Guitar has an alternate notation system called tablature, which uses number on lines to show the notes an position on neck. 
  7. I'm left-handed, should I learn righty or lefty?
    1. This is a touch question. We suggest you try right-handed first, maybe with a rental instrument. If it seems to be OK and you're not getting frustrated that it feels backwards, then stick with it. Many lefties play right-handed guitars, and there are advantages like more selection and lower cost. But if you try right-handed and it's just working for you, then you may need to get a left-handed guitar.
  8. How old should you be to learn guitar?
    1. Almost any age! It's never too late to start. As far as kids go, we recommend starting at 8 or so. Before that they may not be able to reach all of the notes, and they may not have the strength to hold the strings down properly. 
  9. How much are guitar lessons?
    1. Guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons are $159 per month, for a private, 30 minute lesson every week. No extra charge for months that have a 5th week. Addtional students from the same household (siblings, parents, grandparents) pay only $149 per month!

If you have additional questions, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help. If you're ready to sign up, call or click here!

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