Joyo JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer

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JOYO Infinite Guitar Sustainer is used to produce a variety of sounds not normally playable on a guitar using traditional strumming or picking techniques. These sounds are created by placing the JGE onto/above the string. It drives the string to vibrate a sustained note.

Similar effect using a bow
With this feedback loop the player can create a continuous string vibration. Fading in and out by lowering, raising and repositioning near pickups, the result is a similar effect to using a bow.

It features an ergonomic and stylish design to ensure comfort while using it. With a white finish and made from polyamide, the JGE01 is a stylish and durable tool needed by every guitarist.

We can switch to normal effect or overtone effect swiftly by turning the switch upwards or downwards during performance.

A handy blue LED shows you which string you have it over, so you can see what you are doing. The unit runs via a single 9V battery, which, if it is anything like an Ebow, should last for ages.


Brand Joyo

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