Dunlop Gator Grip Standard Picks

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  • Pack Size
    • 12 Pack
    • 72 Pack + 21.00
  • Pick Gauge
    • 1.14mm
    • 2.0mm
    • .58mm
    • .71mm
    • .96mm
    • 1.5mm
  • Brand

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Gator Grip Picks offer superior playing control and a dark, beefy sound. A matte surface allows for a tight, nonslip grip, and a molded, beveled edge provides for a smooth attack and a soft release so you can play with unimpeded intensity and dexterity.


Pack Size 12 Pack or 72 Pack
Pick Gauge 1.14mm or 2.0mm or .58mm or .71mm or .96mm or 1.5mm
Brand Dunlop