About Lesson Length

Lesson are 30 minutes, which is usually the perfect amount of time for most students. Students who have some experience already or are ready for advanced concepts may want to consider 45 or 60 minute lessons. Please call or stop in to sign up for lessons longer than 30 minutes.

Arrive Early

Come a little early to your first lesson so we can answer any questions and get you set for your lesson experience. It's especially important to arrive early if you are renting an instrument, as it takes some extra time to set up.

or call us: (856) 441-4065

Easy Online Enrollment

If you're signing up on your phone, it's easier to fill the form out if you turn your phone sideways in landscape form.

Add Contact Info

We encourage you to enter a separate email and cell phone for each parent and student. Our system automatically sends messages about scheduling, practice, and more, and typically parents and students receive different messages. For example, a student will get a reminder to practice, where a parent might get a payment confirmation.


Call (856) 441-4065 to speak to us!

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