Guitar News!

So we're getting very close to opening the brick and mortar store. We have guitars and basses in the pipeline from some amazing custom builders. 

Super excited to announce that we are authorized dealers for Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars and Basses (the USA line as well as Sterling). We currently have about a dozen USA models in the works from them which will start arriving in September.  Check them out on their site.

Next up is we've signed on as an authorized dealer for Knaggs Guitars. These are amazing axes that are as much works of art as they are pro-grade instruments. Take a look here. We have 10 or so of these beauties being built for us which will start showing up in the next couple of months.

Last but certainly not least are some really unique pieces from Australian builder Etherial Guitars. Our first model is in transit now and a couple others are in the pipeline to be made in the coming months. We put a couple up on our site already with rendered drawings from the builder.

Stay tuned for more!

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Guitar News!
The Laboratory, Aaron Barbarics April 28, 2022
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