Long Time, no Read

The Learnings, Experiences, and Musings of The Laboratory's newest employee.

Hey, Hey Everybody! Long time no read!

Gavin's Musings is back! The long-awaited triumphant return is here, baby! I apologize for the long lapse in time between blogs, everyone. It's been very busy here at The Lab and even in my personal life. So much has happened since the last edition of Gavin's Musings that I'm feeling overwhelmed on where to begin. I will try to be mostly summary, and gloss over a lot of things. If I went over everything in great detail, we might be here for a while.

So, where has Gavin's Musings been? Well, as you can imagine, Gavin's Musings is an extension of myself and The Laboratory. Both Gavin and The Laboratory have been extremely busy, haha. Unfortunately, Gavin's Musings is usually at the bottom of the to-do list. As I gain more experience and time here at the store, more important and time-consuming tasks become available for me to do. I keep getting told by the boys that this time of year is usually our slow season, but I don't think so! And hey, if it is supposed to be our slow season, you can help make a difference in that ;).

Anyway, I can't tell you how many times I've sat down at the computer and begun typing a new blog post, only to be unceremoniously interrupted by a customer entering the store. I even have an unpublished, half-written edition of Gavin's Musings from 20 days ago that never saw the light of day. Unfortunately, until Gavin's Musings starts printing money, the customer takes priority. I've been doing a lot more sales work around here. There's been a lot of rentals, general sales, correspondence (answering phones), and lesson sign-ups. I've also been at the bench doing repairs and setups a lot more lately. It's all fun and I love the experience and challenge these things present, but I am definitely happy to be back behind the keyboard. I have to say, I have honestly had a few people reach out to me and ask where the blog has been. To those people, I say, thank you. You are a true fan! But fret not! As much as I have just said that things have been very busy (they have been), things do seem to be getting a little slower around here. I intend to reestablish consistency and make Gavin's Musings a weekly occurrence again.

Anyway, I just wanted to take this week's edition to get the ball rolling again. Next week's edition will be back to its normal format, full of spirited tales and the wacky happenings of The Laboratory. But while we're here, have a completely random story! Sam brought in some Mango Jalapeño Hummus from a mythical place he refers to as "Fruit World." Sam was kind enough to leave it in the fridge for anyone to try. I gotta say, Sam has got some good taste in hummus. This stuff is seriously good. If you ever get a chance to get your hands on some Mango Jalapeño Hummus, you should seriously consider buying it. 10/10.

Anyway, that's all for this week, everyone! I'm so glad to be back and have time to get these blogs out every week again. Maybe you can come into the store and talk my ear off and buy some stuff; take up all of my writing time, haha! Thanks for reading, everyone. I promise you'll see a new edition of Gavin's Musings very soon.



Long Time, no Read
Gavin Miele June 19, 2024
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The Learnings, Experiences, and Musings of The Laboratory's newest employee.