Behringer DSP-1400P Ultramizer Pro Loudness Maximizer

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The hugely popular ULTRAMIZER PRO DSP1400P has a powerful DSP engine that lets you add multi-band, program-adaptive compression and limiting for both low and high frequencies while at the same time remaining absolutely "inaudible". No matter if you want to increase the loudness of your mastering recording or double the loudness of your PA system without adding more amplifier power, the DSP1424P is the perfect tool. A peak limiter protects against any clipping and dangerous sound pressure levels and the built-in 3D stereo surround processor provides unbelievable spatial enhancement and improved stereo imaging, giving your mixes that often sought-after extra "gloss", while the noise reduction system keeps things clean. Despite the sheer scope of added functions and improved functionality, it is still super easy to use and operate, letting nothing come between you and your music. 


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Condition Pre-Owned
Brand Behringer